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I am a design leader who really loves user interface (UI) design. Designing interactive prototypes, wireframes and building web pages using HTML & CSS is my passion. In addition to that I also spend some time in doing usability research for web apps, as I believe it is a very important aspect of a good web design.

I have worked as a UX consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. Sometimes I have been a part of really small teams and sometimes, really large ones. I started my career as a Java/J2EE developer, dealing with a whole lot of server-side code and spending a good deal of time doing SQL, Unix, Visual Basic and C/C++ programming. But…I always disliked doing it. What I always liked…was designing stuff. So I eventually started moving out of server-side world and move into the design world.


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My other hobbies: I love browsing the internet. I still think it is the second greatest invention after “electricity”. And I totally love “progressive” trance/house music…so much, that I often feel that if I had not been in information technology, I at least would have tried becoming a trance music producer.

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